Weekly Bulletin
Week of Monday: 09/19/16 - 09/23/16

Month 2 Attendance Due Friday, October 14

Thank you for supporting our Meeting of The Tribes!

What students learned about our CRHS culture...

- Be Kind
- We are all about acceptance and positivity and kindness
- Give people the benefit of the doubt (give them a break)
- Respect each other, yourself and your teachers

- Embrace individuality
- No Bullying
- No harassment of any kind
- No put downs, none. Ever
- Stand up for people
- Work hard
- Work together
- Be a good listener
- Be thoughtful of what comes out of your mouth (kind & supportive words)
- Ask for help

Our next meeting of The Tribes will focus on brain power, critical thinking games, and semester-end questions regarding progress report/grades, projects, our annual Thanksgiving Feast and upcoming CRHS events including field trips.

Meeting of The Tribes Meeting Dates: Fridays and always 10-12pm
Mark your calendars today!

- November 4
- January 13
- March 17
- April 28

Charter students are encouraged to join an after-school clubs! Here is a preview of opportunities

SLV CLUB DAY ANNOUNCEMENT Club Day will be on Wednesday, September 21. Come up to the Cougar Lawn at lunch to sign up for a club. If you’d like to create your own club, come find SLV counselor Leslie Burns to get a club form.

JOIN SLV'S NEW CLUB! Interested in majoring in business? Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is coming to SLV this fall. We will be competing with other FBLA clubs, holding resume workshops, connecting with local business owners, and more! Come visit our table Wednesday, September 21st on Club Day for more information.

SPEECH & DEBATE Interested in public speaking? Ever wanted to engage in well-structured debate? Want to experience a courtroom on Mock Trial? We will discuss Mock Trial and Speech and Debate Club, collect survey (we need at least 8 students to compete in Mock Trial), and make plans for Club Day on September 21st. See you on Thursday!!

Are you planning to attend a 4-year college straight out of high school?

The SLVHS Cougar Club and the San Lorenzo Learning Lab are pleased to offer a one-day SAT workshop on Saturday, September 24th from 9 AM to 3 PM in the high school multi-purpose room. The workshop will help to prepare students for all sections of the SAT. The cost for the one-day workshop is $45, which includes materials. Thanks to the generous support of the Cougar Club, full and partial scholarships are available to those in need. If you are interested in signing up, please see Jeannette in the SLVHS Counseling Office to get the email address for the San Lorenzo Learning Lab.

The High School Vision and Hearing testing is scheduled for September 20 in the SLVHS multi-purpose room.
This test is for 10th graders and any other students who you might be concerned about their vision or hearing.  

Students may stop by the multi-purpose room any time on 9/20 between 8:00am - 1:00pm


Buy Drive For Schools Tickets to Support CRHS High School

Once again this year the Boardwalk and Capitola Auto Mall have teamed up and are offering the opportunity for schools to raise money by selling tickets to win over a hundred prizes including ten $1,000 cash prizes and one Grand Prize: a brand new Toyota Prius or Subaru Outback or $25,000 cash!

This year’s prizes also include Golden State Warriors tickets as well as Santa Cruz Warrior tickets and much more.

Our wish list from Drive for Schools proceeds: Field trips, Horticulture class, Studio Art class, and Science supplies.

Books of tickets are available from your Supervising Teachers as well as individual tickets. ALL monies are given back to CRHS!

For a complete list of prizes click here: https://beachboardwalk.com/Drive-For-Schools/Prizes

Letter on Parent Volunteers from Superintendent Laurie Bruton

September 16, 2016

Dear Parents,

For many years parent volunteers have been an important part of the education system in San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District. In SLVUSD, we believe that parents, teachers, and the community all have a part in raising the children. In an effort  to keep all students safe, SLVUSD will be implementing two changes to the District Volunteer practices.

The following changes will take effect November 1, 2016:

  • 1. Volunteers   who   transport    students   for   school   events,   field   trips,   or   athletic competitions will be required  to  be fingerprinted. Additionally, volunteers  who  work outside of the classroom with students not under the direct supervision of a school employee will need to be fingerprinted. This fingerprinting will be paid for by SLVUSD.

  • 2.  Volunteers  who  work  regularly  (ten  times  or  more  during  the  school year)  in close proximity to children in  the classroom will be required to provide a negative TB screening or test. The SLVUSD School Nurse will be available at designated times to conduct  screenings at no cost, or a volunteer may  choose to get one from their personal physician at their own cost.

Please accept  our  gratitude   for  the  many  hours  you  contribute to  SLVUSD  students  as a volunteer. Together  we  will  keep  our  children  safe  and  provide   an  outstanding   learning opportunity for students.


Dr. Laurie Bruton, Superintendent

**NOTE: Letter attached at the bottom of this page

Santa Cruz Metro

SC Metro will be conducting Transit Training for SLV High & Coast Redwood students on THURS, SEPT 22 at 12:45pm - 1:45pm in the multipurpose room. Students will learn how to read bus schedules, attain discount bus passes, and more.


  • October 20th:Coast Redwood High School (time TBD)

  • No picture taken - no student ID. No need to purchase photo packages.
  • Please be sure to have your picture taken this year so you receive a Student ID card/No picture ID card makeups


College rule notebooks (6) with perforated tear-out paper (not spiral, unless paper is perforated within the spiral)
A couple of 3-ring binders
   1 for English (2 inch)
   1 for your Memoir project (2 inch)
   1 for all other subjects (2 inch)
Subject dividers for three+ binders
Binder paper (college rule)
Graph paper
Calculator (TI/Texas Instruments) - see below
Calculator batteries
Copy paper for your printer
Printer ink for your home computer
White Out
Highlighter pens
White erasers
Colored pencils
A couple of sharpie pens
Laptop computer (see expectation below)

You may wish to enhance your math supplies with a good graphing calculator. You'll use this in future math courses at the higher levels and in college so we recommend spending $$$ on this item.

Here is a resource to decide from:

As we gear up this week, the sniffles and sneezes are guaranteed to start. How can you help? Teachers could use some supplies in their rooms to fight the good fight.  If you can donate Kleenex, Wipes, or Hand Sanitizer, we would greatly appreciate it.  Anything you can bring may be dropped off in your child's classroom. Thank you!


We encourage students to drink lots of water while at school. The teachers have water coolers in their classroom available for students to get the occasional cup of water and our teachers would appreciate donations of gallon containers of water filled at a water station or at the Scotts Valley Water Store. Small size works well.

We also strongly encourage our students to bring their own water bottle container, but please put a name or initials on the water bottle. We end up throwing away many containers each semester!

Concerned about the Cost of College?

Presentation for Parents and Students on September 29

If you are looking for ways to make college more affordable, join other parents and students on Thursday, September 29 at 6:30 pm in the SLV High MPR for a special presentation by Steve Shapiro entitled, "How Will You Pay for College?"

Steve is a CPA and Certified Financial Planner who has been helping families in Santa Cruz County with college tuition planning for over 10 years.  He speaks to parents at many local high schools every year.

The presentation will cover:

1. The basics of how to get financial aid: who should file; how the system works; who gets the money.

2. Strategies to reduce your cost: approaches for low income families and high income families.

3. Why recent changes in the financial aid process make it more important than ever to begin early.

4. The steps you need to take to reduce costs

This presentation is not just about financial aid. Reducing the impact of college costs depends on planning ahead and doing your homework. Even high-income families can reduce the impact.

Please mark your calendar and attend this important meeting. Time to be announced. Please stay tuned! Students in all grades and their parents will benefit. If you want to reduce college costs, do not procrastinate, now is the time to take action.


It’s NEVER too early to start thinking about GRAD NIGHT!

Our "go-to" committee representative is Laurie Becker! Thank you Laurie!

Laurie will be seeking parent volunteers from the 11th grade class as well as from the 12th grade class.

Please watch for important information on how you can support this fantastic celebration!


Grad Night Meeting Information for Senior Parents

Attention Senior Parents:

Please come to a Grad Night meeting to help plan an awesome night for your Senior to remember. We are meeting on the first and third Wednesday of each month in room D6 at 6:30 pm.

It takes many hands to put on this event and we could really use some extra help. Bring a friend.

Earlier submission of FAFSA!

Students attending college after July 1, 2017 will be able to file a FAFSA as early as October 1, 2016 rather than on

January 1, 2017. The earlier submission date will be a permanent change, enabling students to complete and submit

a FAFSA as early as October 1 every year.

Students will also report income information from an earlier tax year.

For example, students (and parents, as appropriate) will report their 2015 income information,

rather than their 2016 income information if they are attending college from July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018

Click here for more information from the Federal Student Aid


Portia Simmons had a BLAST!

Image result for clip art of a lap top

San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District
District Expectations Regarding

Bring Your Own Device Initiative

  • - Devices should have at least a 6 hour battery life, wireless, and a real, non-screen, keyboard.

  • - A Cell Phone is not considered to be an adequate device for school purposes.

  • - Please label the device with the student’s first and last name.


  • - Bring your device to school each day.

  • - Loaner devices will also be available at school.

  • - Devices need to be fully charged at home each night so they will last the school day.

  • - Devices will be used only on a table or desk, not on a lap or on the ground. (Middle School)

  • - Devices will be used in classrooms when instructed by staff to do so.

  • - Devices will be put away, either turned off or in a sleep mode, when instructed by staff to do so.

  • - Devices may be used before school, at break, at lunch, and after school in designated areas. (Middle School)


  • - During class, devices will only be used for school-related activities as instructed by the teacher.

  • - Outside of class, students must follow all rules of Acceptable Use Policy and School Discipline Policy when using their device.

  • - Students should not touch or use another student’s device without permission from the owner.

  • - Vandalism, misuse, or theft of another student’s device will follow School Discipline Policy and may be reported to law enforcement.


  • - It is recommended to have protection for your device. This could include a sleeve, a hard shell case, a backpack with a padded sleeve, or all of these together, to provide as much protection as possible.

  • - Never put a pencil or other object on a laptop as closing the lid will damage the screen.

  •  - It is recommended that a student never leave his or her device unattended at school.

  • - The care and safety of the device is the responsibility of the student. The school and the district are not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen devices.

  • - During team sports activities, student must lock their devices, along with their other valuables, in their P.E. lockers or in one of our classrooms. However CRHS classrooms close at 3:30.

  • - Food and Drink are not allowed anywhere near any device at any time ever.

Class of 2016

Congratulations to each of our seniors and to their individual accomplishments.

Distinguished recognition: The Golden State Seal Merit Awards (9 students awarded), 4-year College Scholarship, Alumni Scholarship, GPA Honors, Honors Portfolio, ROP Awards, 400+ Community Service Hours, Community Recognized Special Projects and Artistic Talents, and tireless dedication through their high school years at CRHS in preparation for college and their future.

Where a few have committed to attending ~

Sara Castagnetto – Humbolt State University

Ruth Miler – Pacific University, Oregon

Gabriel Wooden – Southern Oregon State University

Jonah Shabry - University Hawaii @ Hilo

Alec Adamson, Jodie Blair, Sara Castagnetto, Zoey Gillean, Andy Hayward, Katie King, Carly Merritt, Mason Miller, Ruth Miller, Nijah NewTree, Spencer Nuckles, Katelyn Praly, Mariela Reyes, Dominque Rice, Nicole Roth, Jonah Shabry, Mariel Waldon, Gabe Wooden and Jessica Young

It was a celebratory day under the redwood trees in our official Coast Redwood High School Graduation Cove.
Best of luck to all of you and please keep in touch!

SLV Foundation for Education is Raising Money for our Schools

San Lorenzo Valley Foundation for Education is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. We provide an easy way to support a broad or specific tax deductible donation to the SLV schools and clubs. One can donate directly to any of the groups listed below, without needing to buy or sell products. For more information or to donate, please visit slvfoundation.org

*SLV Charter School Booster Club *Nature Academy *Music Boosters *Art Boosters  *Drama Boosters *High School Cougar Club *High School Stadium Lights *Patron of the Arts *Middle School Panther Club  

*BCE parent club   *SLVE Bobcat Club

Pick your favorite or help them all!

If you or someone you know are energetic, hard-working, and committed to the idea that our students deserve the absolute best opportunity to excel that our community can provide, then please consider joining as a leader of the SLV Education Foundation. Questions – contact George Wylie, 338-0578 or georgewylie@yahoo.com.

Fund Education / Charter Programs