10th Grade Bulletin

10th Grade Course Offerings

Sophomore Class Check List:

I have:

  • Met with my Guidance Teacher to review my Personal Learning Plan, which includes postsecondary plans and career goals.
  • Reviewed the Junior and Senior calendars to help me plan my junior and senior years and keep my options open.
  • Confirmed with my Guidance Teacher that I am on track for fulfilling graduation requirements
  • Taken the CAHSEE and I have completed Algebra 1 or its equivalent. I have also completed some CAHSEE preparation
  • (CAHSEE canceled for the next three years)
  • Planned for a junior and senior year that is challenging and provides opportunities to further explore my career interests, including ROP and/or Cabrillo courses.
  • Joined clubs, service organizations, and/or clubs of interests.
  • Taken the PSAT, or plan to take the PSAT in October of my junior year, and I am aware of web sites for practicing for the SAT and/or ACT.
  • Registered for the spring SAT II (for UCs & some private colleges) if I am in Biology or Chemistry.
  • Created a Portfolio account through the site at UC Gateways website.
  • Created an account to manage college and career goals.
  • Completed the Career Interest Profile
  • Completed Do What You Are
  • Completed College Search
  • Added colleges and careers to my list
  • Begun developing a resume (Year-End Portfolio) of my activities, academic honors, leadership positions, community service, and work.
  • Completed Learning Styles Inventory



A thankful hello to you, sophomore parents! Here are some quick things to keep in mind as we head for our holiday week: End of semester is Friday, December 18. Classes will be held the week of December 14 with the last class held on Friday the 18th. Grades close on Friday the 18th. Please keep in mind that, for many teachers, December 11th is the last day to turn work. Speak with your teachers.


PSATs: This past week we had the PSATs and many of your students had their first attempt at the practice version of the SATs. As the staff mentioned previously the SATs are changing for your kids. This first time through with the new PSAT had some kinks and it took longer than anticipated. The students participating did a great job of rolling with it and hopefully will be pleased with their results.

Next year is the important year for your students to consider taking the PSAT. Most students will take SATs in their junior year so it is good prep and feedback before they take the actual exams. AND the National Merit Scholarship competition is tied to how juniors perform on the PSAT. SO that’s a year away but I wanted to put a bug in your ear.

Student Meetings: We have had the chance to talk with most of your students individually during our Meeting of The Tribes, and will be finishing up those meetings over the next few weeks. In addition we will be sending out Educational Planning and Career surveys at our 2nd Meeting of The Tribes meeting in January. This will be a fun opportunity for students to start exploring what their gifts, talents and interests are and what careers are good matches for their skills and interests and also do some preliminary planning for their junior and senior year of high school.

College and Career Exploration: This is a great year for your students to get serious about colleges and careers that might be good fits for them down the road. Family vacations should include college visits if possible. College campuses are some of the most beautiful places to visit and the evidence clearly supports that students who visit college campuses are much more likely to attend.

Another way to get information about colleges is to attend College and Career Night at Cabrillo on November 2nd where over 50 college admission counselors will have informational booths set up and Cabrillo will also showcase many of their own career prep programs such as culinary, law enforcement and fire training. This is one stop shopping at its best. I encourage you and your student to attend. I have attached a flier for your information.