11th Grade Bulletin

11th Grade Course Offerings



A thankful hello to you, junior parents! Here are some quick things to keep in mind as we head for our holiday week: End of semester is Friday, December 18. Classes will be held the week of December 14 with the last class held on Friday the 18th. Grades close on Friday the 18th. Please keep in mind that, for many teachers, December 11th is the last day to turn work. Speak with your teachers.

The Early Assessment Program (EAP) Will Help You Be Prepared!

The EAP helps students determine their readiness to take college level English and math courses before attending a California State University (CSU), or one of the participating California Community Colleges (CCC).

What Makes a Course “College Level”?
Students who demonstrate readiness for college level courses have the English and math skills necessary to succeed without the need for developmental coursework.

The credits you earn in these courses count towards college degree requirements.

How Do Students Participate In EAP?
All 11th graders will participate in the California Assessment of Student
Performance and Progress (CAASPP) in English Language Arts/Literacy and
mathematics. Your EAP results are included on the CAASPP Individual Student Score Report provided by your high school. Your score report will provide an indicator of your readiness to take college level courses. EAP results are not used for admission.

How Will Colleges Know If You Are “College Ready”?
Let your EAP results count by releasing them to the California State University or California Community Colleges. Simply mark the release button at the end of the test. It’s that easy! If you do not mark the release button, you will be required to submit your results at a later date.

What Else Can You Do to Determine If You Are “College Ready”?
Take the SAT or ACT in the 11th grade as an additional way to determine if you are ready for college level courses in English Language Arts and mathematics. We encourage you to register to take the test(s) in the spring of your junior year.

Learn About the EAP Program at the California Community Colleges
For information on the use of CAASPP EAP results for exemptions and placement into appropriate courses at the community college you plan to attend, go to
EAP at the California Community Colleges

for more information on use of CAASPP EAP results for exemptions and placements into appropriate courses at the community college you plan to attend.