9th Grade Bulletin

9th Grade Course Offerings


Guidelines for a successful freshman year:

  1. Make sure the 9th grade schedule meets current and future academic needs, and student has begun a Personal Learning Plan.
  2. Attend all the Meeting of The Tribes meetings held 4x a school term.
  3. Know how to access grades and attendance through Power School.
  4. Know how to access your teachers websites for daily assignments.
  5. Know how to access teachers through email.
  6. Know what the graduation requirements are for CRHS
  7. Save excellent assignments (i.e. lab reports, essays, projects) for future use in the Year-End Portfolio.
  8. Planning for sophomore, junior and senior years that are challenging and provide opportunities to further explore my career interests, including ROP courses and/or Cabrillo courses.
  9. Know about SLV High School and Coast Redwood High School clubs, service organizations, and/or clubs of interests.
  10. For four-year colleges, take the PSAT once making sure Algebra 1 and Geometry, (Math1) are completed. (About the PSAT)
  11. If enrolled in Biology during 9th grade, register for the spring SAT if interested in applying to some very selective colleges.
  12. If seeking a head start on college and career planning, explore websites for college assessments, create a Portfolio account through the site at UC Gateways, and begin Career Search at Career Zone to explore career interests.
  13. Begin research on colleges or alternative post-secondary options from options that include
  14. University of California (UC)
  15. California State University (CSU)
  16. Community College
  17. Art or Technical School
  18. Visit with college and career representatives during the SLV High School lunch period.
  19. Attend the CRHS college field trips
  20. Begin developing a resume of my activities, academic honors, leadership positions, community service, and work.



A thankful hello to you, freshman parents! Here are some quick things to keep in mind as we head for our holiday week: End of semester is Friday, December 18. Classes will be held the week of December 14 with the last class held on Friday the 18th. Grades close on Friday the 18th. Please keep in mind that, for many teachers, December 11th is the last day to turn work. Speak with your teachers.


Oct. 22: End of First Progress Report Grading period.
This report card will be your student’s first progress period grading report. While it will not become a permanent record on your student’s transcripts, it can affect eligibility for sports and for participation in the fall play.

Students who have a GPA below 2.0 and/or have any Fs on this progress report will be ineligible to participate. 

As a reminder, AOS (SLV High School offers free after school tutorial) is free for any students who are struggling with grades or who need or want some extra support with homework completion and with studying, and is available every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 2:50 to 4:00.

Nov. 26:00- 8:00 pm. College & Career Night at Cabrillo College. Meet reps from 60+ college &/or check out Cabrillo programs, including career, transfer, ROP, & financial aid.