CAASPP State Testing

Practice Tests for State Online Exams Online for Parents and Students

Eleventh graders have been studying hard all year long in each of their courses, and as we approach the final stretch to the closure of the academic year, they will be demonstrating their learning in two subject areas: English Language Arts and Math.

Parents can have their children take the online practice test at home by going to  and clicking on the large green box that reads, Student Interface - Practice and Training Tests.  This is a way for both students and parents to have a chance to look at and go over the test together.

The CAASPP results not only serve to inform us about teaching and student learning, but they also determine college readiness at our CA state universities. In March, guidance teachers reviewed college admissions information for two-and four-year college with the juniors, and a representative from CSUMB explained how the CSU (Cal State Universities) Early Action Program (EAP) is infused in the CAASPP (California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress). Results of this test are used by the CSUs to determine college readiness and for placement in math and English courses. Cabrillo College also uses the EAP results, so the CAASPP is a high-stakes test.  Juniors who achieve college-ready status are exempt from additional placement exams.