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Cabrillo College Running Start
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Cabrillo Promise Program

Just a few reminders and updates on the Cabrillo Promise Program. In order to be eligible for the Cabrillo Promise Program a student must:
  • Apply to the college
  • Apply for financial aid with the FAFSA or Dream Application
  • Apply for the Cabrillo Promise with the form found on the Promise website
The deadline to apply for the Promise has passed, however, students who failed to apply on time can submit an appeal (found at the bottom of the Promise website) for late admission. Those can be emailed to

UPDATE: The Promise had a cap on units for a term at 15. We are removing this cap. We will now award eligible students for as many units as they enroll in. A reminder that a student must enroll in a minimum of 12 per semester to be eligible. To continue eligibility throughout the 2 years they must:
  • Complete a FAFSA or Dream Application for the second year
  • Get a minimum of a 2.0 for the semester
  • Complete full-time status

Cabrillo will visit your High School and help your students

Ensure your students' success at Cabrillo College by getting involved with Running Start! Running Start students get support with application, registration, financial aid, and even educational planning.

or more information.

High School students can take classes for FREE!
High School students receive 3.33 units of high school credit per Cabrillo College unit.
One-on-one financial aid advising for the 2020-2021 FAFSA or Dream applications! High school seniors and parents welcome. Presentations will be available in English and Spanish.
Aptos Workshop
Nov. 5th, 3-6pm in SAC West Rm 201
Watsonville Workshops
Oct. 24th, 3-6pm in Rm C105
Nov. 21st, 11am-2pm in Rm C105

Cabrillo College is adding a new
Biotech Skills Certificate?

Students interested in the arts?
Don't miss Cabrillo College's production of...

 Running October 26 - November 10 at the Crocker Theater
rocker Theater

Ambassador 1 of 3

Cheyenne Loftus: Cheyenne is a Communications/Theatre Arts double major who is currently completing her second year at Cabrillo. Her goal is to transfer to a 4-year university next fall.
In addition to being a Student Ambassador, Cheyenne is a member of the Honors Program, President of an on-campus club, and a two term Student Senator.

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Student Ambassadors paused for a photo with Cabrillo President Dr. Wetstein at the Seahawks Take Flight event. August 2019

Cabrillo College Online Education

Cabrillo offers online courses year-round. There are over 600 hybrid and fully online classes to choose from, 
and several degree programs that can be completed entirely online. Cabrillo instructors provide detailed information 
to help you get started in an online class.

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October 28, 2019

                        HS students can receive 3.33 units of high school credit per Cabrillo unit for a 
                                                         maximum of 10 credits per high school course if applicable

High School students can take classes for
For more information click here

Directed by Cheryl Anderson, the Cabrillo Youth Chorus provides a comprehensive vocal 
music program for children 8-18 years of age. We provide a wonderful ensemble experience that 
incorporates beautiful singing tone and music-reading fluency, in an atmosphere of mutual respect and joy. 
The program involves making music with excellent professional musicians using the best of literature. 
Our young singers experience the rewards of dedication to the craft.

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Tuesday's Beginning/Intermediate Class
Dolce or Vivace

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Wednesday's Intermediate/Advanced Class
Allegria or Con Brio