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UC and CSU application deadline is November 30th.  Do not wait until November 30th to submit!

UC and CSU application support: Cabrillo is offering application support this Saturday, November 23rd.  Please see the website for more information.  It will be listed as a transfer workshop but first-time freshmen are welcome to attend.  No appointment is necessary.

Cabrillo College:  To participate in Running Start, complete the application and orientation by the end of December.  Mary Zilge will be available from 9:00-10 before our next Tribes (12/6) and after our Tribes meeting if you have any questions about the Cabrillo application 
Click here for information and steps: RUNNING START

Cabrillo Honors Program- the application for Cabrillo Honors opens on January 15 and closes at midnight on March 15.  Minimum 3.5 GPA, enrollment in ENGL 1A, one letter of recommendation, a copy of a transcript, and a 250-word essay are required to apply. 
Click here and bookmark on your computer HONORS PROGRAM

Dual Enrollment- Spring 2020 class schedule should be posted. Registration is December 5th. 
Click here to download the application, write-in the courses you wish to enroll and return the application to your supervising teacher for signatures: DUAL ENROLLMENT FORM

FAFSA- the technical deadline is March 2nd, 2020 but it is really wise to submit before the end of the year.  Remember to save your log-on information as you will have to do this every year you are attending a post-secondary program. Click here and bookmark on your computer FAFSA

Scholarships: check out our scholarship web page for local scholarship opportunities. Click here and bookmark on your computer SCHOLARSHIPS

Cabrillo Promise Program

Just a few reminders and updates on the Cabrillo Promise Program. In order to be eligible for the Cabrillo Promise Program a student must:
  • Apply to the college
  • Apply for financial aid with the FAFSA or Dream Application
  • Apply for the Cabrillo Promise with the form found on the Promise website
The deadline to apply for the Promise has passed, however, students who failed to apply on time can submit an appeal (found at the bottom of the Promise website) for late admission. Those can be emailed to

UPDATE: The Promise had a cap on units for a term at 15. We are removing this cap. We will now award eligible students for as many units as they enroll in. A reminder that a student must enroll in a minimum of 12 per semester to be eligible. To continue eligibility throughout the 2 years they must:
  • Complete a FAFSA or Dream Application for the second year
  • Get a minimum of a 2.0 for the semester
  • Complete full-time status



Dear Students,

October is here and this month is all about College & Career Awareness!

If you have any questions, just send your Guidance Teacher and our Academic Counselor, Mary Zilge, an email and we'll be happy to help!

For all seniors and early graduates:

Cabrillo College will be coming to SLVHS to hold Admissions Workshops for the fall 2020 enrollment. If you have Cabrillo as your first or backup plan, it is vital you go to one of these workshops.  This is not for Dual Enrollment.

Sign Ups are in SLVHS' Counseling Office with Charlotte for the following Days / Periods (and you only need to attend one). 

Approx times since CRHS does not follow the SLVHS bell schedule.
  • Workshop 1: Wednesday, November 6th - 4th Period  (10:15-12:00)
  • Workshop 2: Wednesday, November 6th - 6th Period  (12:50-2:30)
  • Workshop 3: Friday, November 8th - 4th Period           (10:15-12:00)
  • Workshop 4: Friday, November 8th - 6th Period           (12:45-2:30)
  • Workshop 5: Tuesday, November 12th - 3rd Period     (10:15- 12:00)
  • Workshop 6: Tuesday, November 12th - 5th Period     (12:45-2:30)
 Each workshop is limited to 25 people, so please come in soon to secure your seat. 

ImportantBe sure you know or bring your Social Security number to the workshop. 

In this month's Issue:

  • PSAT is Next Week! (October 16th)

  • College Rep. Visits to SLVHS

  • College & Career Awareness Week 2019!

  • Work Permits & Finding a Job

  • Volunteer Opportunities & Hours Form

  • College Aid & Upcoming Scholarships

  • College Application Deadlines

  • SAT / ACT Testing Dates


Upcoming College  Rep. Lunchtime Visits

On these dates, representatives from specific colleges will be at the high school to talk to you!

  • October 15th - Carroll College
  • October 15th - Northern Arizona University
  • October 23 - Lewis & Clark
  • October 25 - Johnson & Wales University
  • October 28th - Ryerson University
  • October 28th - University of the Pacific
  • October 29th - Saint Mary's College of California
  • October 30th - Rutgers University

College & Career Awareness Week 2019 
October 21st - 28th

Wednesday, October 23rd

  • University Visit: Lewis & Clark College at Lunch 
  • Lunchtime Activity - Mascot Match Up 
  • FAFSA Help Night: We will have a College Financial Aid Advisor in the HS Library from 6:30 – 8pm to help with any Senior parents and students that have 
  • FAFSA Questions and Application.

Friday, October 25th  

  • University Visit: Johnson & Wales University at Lunch  
  •  Lunchtime Activity - College Jeopardy on the SLV lawn
  • Firetruck Visit at Lunch: The Boulder Creek Fire Department will be visiting at Lunch to promote the BC Fire Internship.

Monday, October 28th

  •  University Visits:
    •  Ryerson University will be visiting at Lunch  

  •  College & Career Night at Cabrillo  
    • Time: From 6 pm to 8 pm
    • Location: Cabrillo College
    • About: Cabrillo College is hosting their Annual College & Career Night! Meet over 50+ Universities, Attend Workshops and learn about the numerous Cabrillo College Programs & Services.
    • EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY: Complete the Scavenger sheet and return to Mrs. Kay
    • Click Here for more Information on College & Career Night


Work Permits for 19 - 20

  • If you are currently working, please make sure to come in to pick up a new work permit ASAP

  • If you are looking for a job, click here for a listing of businesses that have hired our students in the past (You'll need to call to see if they are hiring).

Volunteer Opportunities

🌟Volunteer Service Hours

  • Volunteer over the Summer? Get your hours in soon! Pick-up your volunteer form from your Guidance Teacher.

  • Start earning hours for The President's Volunteer Service Award!

  • Looking for Volunteer Opportunities? Check out the Volunteer Board in the SLVHS Counseling Office!

Important College Information

📜College Application Reminders:

  • October 1st: CSU, Cabrillo College and FAFSA Applications Open

  • November 1st: UC Applications can begin to be submitted

  • November 30th: Deadline for all UC & CSU Applications

💸Fall Scholarships

Scholarship Page Has Been Updated!

Important Scholarships All Seniors Need to Apply For:

  • Elks Scholarship - Open now, Due Nov. 15th

  • If you are going to apply to San Jose State University, come talk to Charlotte in the SLVHS counseling office as there is a specific local scholarship for that university!


SAT / ACT Test Dates

Test Prep Booklets are available in the Counseling Office




Hello to all.  If you are a current junior or senior, please read on. If you are a sophomore or freshman, the information below is also good to review for your future reference.

Juniors: If you would like to take the PSAT on October 16,  you need to register and pay $20.00 in the administration office at SLVHS.  Please sign up during their brunch, lunch, or after school.

Seniors and early grads: October 1st is the kickoff for multiple systems.
CSUs/UCs- the submission windows opens on October first and applications to these systems are due by November 30th.
Private four-year colleges follow different timelines but essentially the application window is open for these systems as well.

Cabrillo- Students can apply to Cabrillo for next fall beginning October 1st.  Even if you are currently attending Cabrillo as a high school student, you must still apply as an incoming freshman.  This is the first step in the Running Start Program.  Completing the steps for Running Start will ensure priority registration in the spring.  Submitting your application is the first step in that process. 

FAFSA (Federal Application For Student Aid)- This is the money process.  Students even thinking of enrolling in post-secondary program/school upon graduation should submit their FAFSA. You cannot be eligible for any federal or state aid without submitting this form.  This includes Cabrillo's Promise to pay for tuition for the first two years (with other qualifying criteria).

During our first Tribes meeting, we covered the above information.  More information regarding Running Start will be forthcoming.

I have had the pleasure of meeting with some students to discuss their goals.  I hope to meet with all students throughout the year.  I am available on Fridays from 7:30-3:00.  Please email me if you would like to set up a meeting.  I would love for parents to participate as well.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Happy Fall,
Mary Zilge
Career and College Counselor, CRHS

SAT / ACT Test Dates

Test Prep Booklets are available in the SLVHS Counseling Office or from Mary


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