Computer Skills & Technology


Youth Digital Arts Cyber School

DM101 - Digital Manga using Free and Open Source Software
DP101 - Digital Painting Onto Canvas, Posters, and T-Shirts
VGD101v2 - Video Game Design Basics
VGD102v2 - Designing Platform Video Games
VG103 - Creating & Animating Video Game Characters
LTMT101 - Learning Through Music and Technology 101
LTVT101 - Learning Through Videography and Technology 101

Advanced Academics
Full online courses and a great selection of electives at an affordable price. Pre-approved students may
also utilize their online course credit recovery program. Inquire about a Charter School price.
M.S. Computer Literacy A
H.S. Computer Literacy A & B
Fundamentals of Web Development
2011 Course Catalog

Complete training in business skills, leadership, and computer software. Learn from the experts in just minutes.
Earn a certificate, all at your own pace. Online prerecorded video tutorial training courses develop/enhance
knowledge in career development & computer software. One year license allows the student to take unlimited
courses from among their vast course offerings.

Global Student Network
Computer and Technology courses are listed as high school electives: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint,
Microsoft Excel, Computer Applications, Introduction to the Internet.
For a complete listing of courses, go to, and click
on 'Student Enrollment Form'.
Inquire about special charter school pricing. Some courses have additional fees for outside materials.

*Correlations to the CA standards

High school technology courses: Keyboarding, Part 1, Computer Science, Applied Physics with Technology, Part 1 & Part 2.
Charter school course pricing can be located on the BYU website.

Sessions Online School of Design
Online courses for advanced high school students in graphic design,web design, multimedia, digital arts,
business marketing design.
Pricing can be obtained from the vendor's website.

& DVD's

Journey Education Marketing (formerly CCV Software) - Voted by students 2010 Best Choice!
This vendor is a large supplier of educational software at discount prices..

Video Production with DVD - Journey Education
Written for younger audience. Lessons include a series of exercises in video editing, camera handling, scripting and storyboarding a production. The DVD contains footage for projects, demo plug-ins, and free software.

Microsoft - Journey Education
MS Word 2007:
MS Excel 2007:

Graduate Limited
This vendor is a large supplier of educational software.

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Deluxe 20
New and upgraded games.
Improved tracking and reporting:
Summary report shows cumulative performance.
Keyboard Proficiencies show performance by individual keys and which keys need improvement.
Curriculum Map lets users see where they are in the training program.
Progress Over Time charts shows the user their improvement in an extended period of time.


Graduate Limited
This vendor is a large supplier of educational software.

FREE Typing Game

The California Arts Project
Video Production 101 (FREE Print Tutorials)

Writing HTML
A tutorial for creating Webpages.

Bare Bones Guide to HTML
Good resource for learning code.

Customizing Your Web Page
Tutorials on web page creation and graphics.

PDF to Word Converters (FREE)

PDF to Word; PDF to html; PDF to text; PDF to Image Converters (FREE)

Diigo is a powerful research tool and a knowledge-sharing community. Web-highligher, sticky notes, online bookmarking, and more.

Download Diigo Toolbar
Install Diigo Toolbar, then save site. Can save in Thinkfinity.

Online sharing and presenting. Use Prezi as an alternative to Powerpoint.

Create video slideshows. Turn your photos, video clips, and music into video masterpieces to share with everyone. Fast, free and shockingly easy. Teachers can set up a FREE education account for up to 50 of their students to use.

Creative way to share text, videos, images, and songs.

FREE Web Conferencing

Accessible web conferencing. There is a FREE version of the program.