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Glencoe's Art Talk, 2005
Glencoe’s ArtTalk online program FREE activities that coordinate with each chapter: Museum Tours, Educational Games, Career Corner, Internet Activities, Digital Studio Projects, Web Links, Chapter Summaries, Student Art Galleries and Artist Profiles.


California Department of Education
Music glossary.

From the Top
From the Top celebrates the energy of America's kids and the power of classical music through NPR and PBS broadcasts, live events, education programs, and more.

Music Theatre International
MTI shares with educators the goal of raising the next generation of theatre artists and audiences. MTI has taken a leading role in theatre education by creating the MTI Theatrical Resources, a "theatrical tool box" designed to help not only ensure the success of each musical production, but also to establish the study of musical theatre as a permanent part of the high school curriculum.

Music! Its Role and Importance in Our Lives, Glencoe (2006)
FREE online-coordinated program activities: Career Spotlight, Interactive Music Projects, Music Podcast Activities, From the Top, Self Check Quizzes, Vocabulary eFlashcards, and Chapter-Related Web Links.
These resources are great to supplement any music curriculum program.


Glencoe's 'The Stage and the School' Textbook Program Resources
Interactive theater history timeline, theater careers video interviews, voice-over production studio, website resources, chapter activities, eflashcards, and more.