Music (Instrument) and Voice Logs

Here you will find Instrument Log sheets, as well as Voice/Choir log sheets. It is very important to fill out your Logs noting
Instrument lessons, practice days and times, voice lesson/practice, choir practice, minutes/hours, and performance hours.

Indicate time & duration of a practice or creative session in the field marked Time (e.g., 8-9 a.m.); in the box on the log sheet, summarize accomplishments in the description box. To achieve a full semester 5 credits, log times must total 78+ hours. You will be required to give a performance in front of your teacher, you may record a (youtube) video and/or record your music on a (cd) or on another recording device.

Performances: please collect and turn-in the performance program.

Choir and Voice Log Sheet

Instrument Log Sheet

Assessing Your Practice Habits

Assessing Your Performance Skills