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Coast Redwood High School is an independent study program with a hybrid 4-day a week classroom option that prepares students to lead, serve others, take responsibility, discipline themselves and care for one another. The majority of our students go on to four-year institutions of higher learning, and our curriculum prepares students for colleges in the country. Our A-G courses are approved by the University of California, and we are accredited grades K-12 WASC.

We require that students have four years of English, three years of Mathematics, Laboratory Science and Social Studies, one or more years of Performing/Visual Arts and one or more years of Second Language Acquisition, Physical Education, and Electives. Onsite or Independent Study courses are available in these subject areas and when interest and ability warrant, classes at local community colleges can be arranged as are the options to attend local Learning Centers for diversity. Concurrent enrollment Advanced Placement courses through San Lorenzo Valley High School and dual enrollment through Cabrillo College.

Coast Redwood High School has been serving students in Santa Cruz County since 1997. The high school is located in three buildings on the San Lorenzo Valley High School site near Fall Creek in Felton, California. Students participate in competitive sports, theater, clubs, A.P. courses, CTEP, college, leadership, and lots more.

While our program is highly successful, our definition of success is not limited to where our graduates go to college, but rather how prepared our graduates are to achieve their goals and contribute to the world as young adults.


Upon completing the high school requirements of 230 credits, the passage of Math 1, or, Math 1A, & Math 1B, and Math 2 or a 3rd-year math alternative, completion of community service hours and an exit portfolio, students will receive an accredited SLVUSD Charter School diploma, as authorized by WASC, and by the San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District Board of Trustees. Our graduation is held in an intimate setting at the Fall Creek Outdoor Amphitheater, where we celebrate with formal graduation and reception.


  • What are the unique opportunities & challenges? All students are unique, but that is very true at Coast Redwood. All Coast Redwood students have something else going on in their lives. 

  • Some have unique talents (dancing, athletics, academic pursuits, learning style, professional interests, etc.) and some have unique challenges (physical, emotional, family trauma, work, etc.) The common thread with all of our students is that the comprehensive school schedule (5 days/week for 7 hrs/day) prevents them from pursuing these opportunities and help for their challenges.

  • Students who choose to design their high school program may enroll in courses taught onsite and mixed and match with courses through local Learning Centers, Cabrillo College, and through San Lorenzo Valley High School. Typically students are on campus four days a week and Fridays. Courses may include an English class, Math, and History classes as well as a Science class. In addition to core classes, teachers have a field study class to support the onsite class which is often paired with a field trip. Electives such as theater, dance and physical education/competitive sports are often taught out in the community, independently, or concurrently through Cabrillo College or San Lorenzo Valley High School.

  • For those students who have demonstrated the pre-requisite skills to be successful in the independent study model, Coast Redwood High School is an option worth considering.

What are the pre-requisite skills necessary to be successful in 

(IS) Independent Study? 

Given the limited onsite weekly instructional time (about 15-20 hours/week vs. 25-30 hours/week at comprehensive  high schools), 

  • students need to have literacy skills and beginning levels of technology skills

  • intrinsic motivation

  • self-discipline & time management skills

  • truly want to be here 

  • authentic love of learning

  • understand the Independent Study model of (a-g and non a-g courses) require weekly pacing, weekly assignment due dates and meeting with teachers

  • understand the onsite (a-g and non-a-g courses) is our college model that requires weekly pacing with rigor, weekly assignments, due dates and once a month meeting with teachers weekly for 9th grade and every 15-20 days or more often for the upper grades

  • parent involvement is welcome!

  • The successful student yearns to independently learn and participate in a pathway learning experience such as in the sciences or Humanities

Coast Redwood is structured to be "unstructured," so students have time to pursue their extra-curricular's. Our students are independent learners responsible for all aspects of their education with teachers & staff serving more as a mentor and colleague. Students do not have to be avid readers and writers but need basic skills given the amount of reading and writing done outside of class time. Thus, our graduates report having excellent literacy skills compared to their peers in college.