Teachers and classified staff of the charter school are employed by the San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District. Specific qualifications (knowledge, experience, education, certification, etc) of applicants and current staff is monitored and assured by the SLVUSD Department of Human Resources, current Education Code, SLVUSD Board Policy and collective bargaining agreements.

All teachers of the charter school shall hold a valid multiple-subject or single subject California teaching credential issued by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing and holds an ESEA (NCLB) Certificate of Compliance for each core academic subject taught. 

All teachers of the district shall hold a valid English Learner authorization issued by the California Commission of Teacher Credentialing. 

All staff of SLVUSD Charter School will have the necessary educational qualifications, skills, experience, certification, and credentials to fulfill their job description.

Additionally, individuals employed by the Charter School Programs should be models of those characteristics we wish to nurture in our students. They will display a continuing passion for learning and a striving for excellence in their chosen field, supported by a liberal art and science education. They will be intelligent, flexible, collaborative, open to the process of personal growth, and skilled in

Kay Mendoza - Lead
English, The Arts, Electives, Guidance Counselor, and Supervising Teacher

Keidi Lewis
Spanish, Social Studies, Electives, Guidance Counselor, and Supervising Teacher

Wade Axup
Biology, Sciences, Electives, Guidance Counselor, and Supervising Teacher

Brian Heery, Ph.D.
Mathematics, Guidance Counselor, and Supervising Teacher

Mary Zilge
Academic Counselor

Melanie Burgess
Horticulture, Master Gardener

Terri Kessler
Resource Education Specialist