School-Wide Learning Outcomes

When our students apply our tenets, they also apply their School-wide Learning Outcomes


     Develop oral & written communication:

    Practice active and reflective speaking & listening skills
    Read critically and analytically in all subjects
    Write effectively and expressively for a purpose and audience 

Think analytically, critically and practically:

Utilize the content of the Core Curriculum
Use technology responsibly and ethically
Gather and analyze data and draw conclusions
Demonstrate curiosity & creativity by questioning and investigating across all
subject areas on a variety of topics
Evaluate and present both sides of an issue clearly


Form healthy self-awareness and social relationships:

Develop good study habits and seek help when needed
Practice care of body and mind
Engage in school, community, and global experiences
Identify, prioritize, and fulfill goals
Take risks and explore opportunities to discover personal talent
Engage in self-reflection

Exhibit social responsibility and integrity:

Demonstrate ethical constructive choices in personal & social behavior
Show respect & empathy for basic human rights and appreciate diverse cultures
Recognize that individual actions have social and environmental consequences
Collaborate with others in a variety of situations