Charter Theater and SLV Theater


Thrill the World

When: Friday, Oct. 25 from 3:00-4: 00 pm
Where: Multipurpose Room on the Quail Hollow Campus (up by the Charter Office)

No need to sign up ahead of time. Just show up.

This event was founded in 2006 in Toronto, and has now spread to six continents. Every October people in cities around the world dance to "Thriller" at exactly the same time. Preparation and counting down worldwide is part of the fun, but the feeling of being connected to others and dancing together as one is a Thrill like no other! 

This year the event will be held in Santa Cruz on Saturday, October 26, 2018 at the Louden Nelson Center lawn at 3pm sharp. There is also an option to perform in a flashmob on Halloween in Ben Lomond.

Wizard of Oz: Get Your Kicks on Route Yellow Bricks

It is, once again, an original script written by Janinne Chadwick, our local playwright from Ben Lomond. All the familiar characters will be in this tale, and we'll also have munchkins singing everything from The Beatles to Funk, Glinda-Rockin' the Motown and Rock n' Roll, two evil witches/warlocks, Ozzy and the Osbourne family,
and so much more!

Amber will have an informational meeting on Monday, Oct. 14 at 3 pm for students and parents. The meeting will be held in the multipurpose room at the Quail Hollow Campus. 

You will get a synopsis of the script, hear about characters and musical numbers, and get detailed info on the rehearsal schedule/requirements. 

*There are some new guidelines this year, so please make note of this meeting. Here are a few changes: 

1. Students and Parents will be asked to sign a behavior expectation contract. Actors must be able to focus and take direction independently, without their parents being present to assist in behavior support. 

2. Performance Week (earlier than last year): January 21-26
All January Rehearsals, beginning Monday, Jan. 6, are mandatory.

3. Participants must sign up prior to auditions (beginning Oct. 14). They may not "drop-in" once auditions have begun.

K-5 Auditions: 3-5:30 pm, Tues./Wed., Oct. 22, 23

Middle School/High School Auditions: 3-5:30pm, Monday/Tues., Oct. 28, 29

Rehearsals: 3-5: 30 pm, Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, *beginning Nov. 4

All auditions and rehearsals through December are held in the multipurpose room on the Quail Hollow Campus.

Please attend the informational meeting on Oct. 14 for clarification and details. 

Thank you! The Theater Booster Club and I look forward to another fantastic production!
Contact me with any questions



Come and See the SLV High School Student Production of Like, Like Like?

October 18 - 27
Fridays & Saturdays @ 7:00 p.m.
Sundays @ 2:00 p.m.
Community Night is Thursday, October 24 & 7:00 p.m. - all tickets $10 each

Like, Like Like? is a fast-paced farcical take on high school politics. At the center of it all, Dave Miller calls together characters from every clique to rig the election for Homecoming Queen/King. What he doesn’t tell them is that each person is rigging the vote in their own way. As Dave’s master plan falls apart, even he can’t tell who will win the HoCo title.

Do you recognize any of our Coast Redwood High School Charter students in the "high school yearbook?"

$12 - General
$10 - Staff/Students/Seniors
$10 - Community Night THUR 10/24